Innovative Solutions to Move Your Business Forward

A Little History
Behind Our

Daniel Beydoun
Founder and Key Strategic Advisor

Our values

  • Family is First
  • Integrity
  • Longevity
  • Congruence
  • Humility
  • Inspiration
  • Trust

Our delivery promise

  • Trusted Advice
  • Fixed Fee Value Pricing
  • Remove Complexity
  • Correct Guidance
  • The ‘Best People’
  • Sharp Research
  • Clever Ideas
  • Focus on Cash Flow
  • Core Problem Solvers
  • True Business Support

Our story began in 1999 when Daniel Beydoun came to realise that he wanted to work directly with businesses and use his extensive skills as an Accountant to maximise the potential of his clients. He identified an opportunity to serve small to medium sized businesses (SME’s), and successful professionals, with the specialised and proactive business services usually offered by the top tier firms, at a pricing point that represented true value.

In the beginning…how it all started and how we grew…

“The first 7 to 8 years we were running a typical accounting firm – technically ‘Top Notch’, but that was it. It was only when we realised how important the people we were helping were, that things really started to change.

The way we run our team today - there is plenty of love, a great culture and we generally help each other and have fun doing it. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for each other within our team, and that is how we try and be with our clients. We believe that this passion for helping is what our clients love most about us.”

A change of focus…

“Recently, our focus has been on how we can service our clients better. Many accounting firms are becoming a commodity where cheaper is better - faster is more efficient. We believe that there is not enough professional care about the people in their business and clients they serve. We care by not treating our clients like numbers - it’s about the person and their families and that is where we come from at DBC.”

The core offering that we pride ourselves on…

“We knew that the market was seeking more clever services that delivered value and results in all areas of business, financial, personal and strategy. Such offerings were the domain of the top tier firms and ridiculously expensive. We looked at our vast personal experience, and identified areas where this could be enhanced. From there, we successfully created a network of ‘Best of Breed’ professionals in every key area including specialised legal, asset and wealth protection, legitimate tax minimisation, structuring expertise, innovation support, software implementation, property expertise, superannuation strategies and most importantly business coaching and growth support. This allows us to seamlessly create real results – whilst providing value at every step.”

Our delivery promise

Compliance is a means not an ends!

“We knew that compliance services (financial statements, tax returns, activity statements) in their own right did not create value. They needed to be prepared professionally, accurately, and in a low cost fashion using technology and other resources to achieve this. The key was to use this process to identify opportunities for all sorts of things including lowering tax, identifying risks, restructuring labour costs and growth strategies. This perspective continues to create high value opportunities for many of our clients.”

What it all boils down to…

“Using our knowledge, experience and expertise - we help our clients discover and implement clever ways to meet their financial goals. We tailor this service so that it dynamically moves with our client’s needs, as these change over time. We do this with integrity, humility, respect and energy.”

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