Financial planning is a profession in its own right. In the past, client experiences have been mixed especially when the focus was product driven. Such an approach to financial planning led to a commission driven approach which sometimes lead to results not in the best interests of the clients’ long-term wealth objectives.

We believe that an effective financial planner needs to be a dedicated professional, based in an office committed to this role. For this reason, the approach at DBC Advisory since inception in 1999, was not to incorporate these services within our practice internally, but rather to partner with professionals that we’ve identified as ‘best of breed’. The key driver behind this decision goes back to the core of our firm, and that is if we can’t give our full attention to being the best in everything, then we’ll put you in touch with the professional you need.

It’s this guiding belief that has led to the establishment of a wonderful network of partners that we refer you to depending upon your specific needs. Our firm has negotiated special rates for its clients with these partners so you benefit not only from a premium dedicated service, but also a more competitive rate.

The advantage of these unique partnerships is that we combine the investment placement advice with our asset protection expertise something which is very crucial in maintaining your wealth. We provide a wide range of asset protection structures to protect your valuable wealth against creditors, family disputes, business risk, and so forth.

Rest assured that we will be present at many of their meetings with you, and we have direct and free contact with those professionals so that information is shared seamlessly about your financial affairs (with your permission) to ensure that quality data underpins every decision made on your behalf. Another benefit of such communication is that it alleviates you from being the middle person in facilitating the flow of data relevant to advising you.