Most medium and larger size organisations have a role dedicated to an in-house financial expert who assists with day-to-day decisions and overseeing the accounting function. There are different names for such a role including Financial Controller, Management accountant, Internal accountant and CFO.

Businesses that utilise such a role have the size, budget, and support structure within the accounting function to make it happen. For most of our small and medium business clients however, this just isn’t possible. We believe that you shouldn’t miss out on such guidance if your business needs it. Our service provides you a unique part-time CFO without the full-time financial commitment.

We structure this depending upon your needs. For example, a small business may need as little as 90 minutes a month to provide management reporting and high level strategic and business advice when you need it.

We offer this valuable service to the entrepreneur, by applying our extensive knowledge and experience to increase business value. We focus on key financial, operational and personnel strategies.

Coming on board as a DBC Advisory client is on a no commitment basis. You take it on a month-to-month, and continue to do so whilst you get a return on investment. It is tailored to your business and is designed to assist you, as the business owner to reach key strategic goals, and includes (where applicable to your business):

  • Strategic Planning including development, implementation and ongoing review
  • Become part of the strategic team within your business
  • Keeping you on top of Profit, Cash flow and ultimately a healthy balance sheet
  • Human resources including staff retention, remuneration, employment contracts and staff procedures, bonus structure, equity share, incentive design and policies documents
  • Management of all taxation obligations
  • Provide a true upside to the value of your business both internally and externally
  • Develop strong business systems and processes
  • Assist with development and implementation of financial and management information systems