Our experience is that coaching is associated with high performers, rather than a remedial intervention. For the past three years, the principal has utilised an intensive coaching process himself, to help grow our business, to get focused on the important things that need to be done, and to get the balance right both personally and professionally.

Because of the significant impact that coaching has had on our business, we have decided to offer a similar service to our clients. We will utilise our immense experience with the power of coaching, to achieve real and remarkable results for your business.

The unique features of our coaching program are as follows:

  • Not rigid/structured, but rather flexible and unstructured. This requires a discovery session by the partner to assess the present state, areas of improvement in order of priority, your time availability and the approach that works best for you (regular meeting/telephone, as needs basis, written plans/direction or in person working sessions, etc).
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment – No Fixed commitment. If you feel that you cease getting value, then you can stop at any time. Our success rate has given us the confidence to offer such flexibility.
  • It is a ‘bespoke’ look into you as a person and your business – not a process driven box ticking exercise. You get partner level, 20 plus years of business advisory experience looking into the depth of what makes your business tick, what challenges you are facing, what opportunities you are missing, and how we can work together in achieving your objectives. The focus is not just business performance and wealth, but more importantly your personal goals of work-life balance, family time and personal development.
  • Congruence. We will never advise you to do anything that we are not practicing ourselves. Our belief in everything we teach is evident from our own practices.
  • Typical program objectives include goal setting, Short/Medium/Long term plans, allowing you to step back and delegate, regaining focus of why you went into business originally, lifestyle and work balance, and so on.